A Limo Hire Company in Springfield, Illinois in the U.S have announced plans to create a range of all electric limousines. The energy conscious firm have struck up a partnership with Plug-in Motors of Kansas city to assist them in their mission to produce a range of green limos.

U.S company plans to create electric limo hire

U.S company plans to create electric limo hire

The decision to make this revolutionary new limo model will see Imperial Coach Brokers bring over 100 new tech manufacturing jobs to their city of Springfield, a move welcomed by many local residents.

The new electric limo will benefit potential limo hire bosses as the vehicles will have very low running costs in comparison to the traditional gas-guzzling limo. The finished green limo will cost only 3 cents to run per mile and once the battery is charged to the max, the limo will run for 200 miles.

Both companies behind the pioneering scheme are determined to create an electric car with substance and not just a “glorified golf buggy.” The CEO of Plug-in Motors Kurt Neutgens said “We’re showing the world that an electric vehicle doesn’t have to be an egg. It can be exciting to drive, have perfect weight distribution, have terrific handling, terrific zero to sixty top speeds of 80mph and a range of two hundred miles”

The first electric limo will roll off the assembly line early next year and the company hopes to go into full production following that. It is not yet known whether the company has plans to export to the U.K.

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