A limo hire company calling itself ‘the largest limo company in the UK’ has suddenly stopped trading, leaving prom goers stranded on the biggest day of their school lives, according to industry news website TheChauffeur.com. Sussex-based ‘National Limousine Hire’ has been alleged to have orchestrated a nationwide scam leaving students without a limo hire to their prom and swindling them of hundreds of pounds in their deposits.

TheChauffeur.com received emails from bereft clients of the limo hire company expressing how they had been cheated of their deposits. An angry email reads: “I have today discovered the shocking news, my daughter and 11 friends have been left without a limo tonight. I am trying hard to find another company which could take them but with 4 hours notice its not looking good. They are all upset and £220 out of pocket.”

The company’s website now reads: “Unfortunately, due to the economy, National Limousine Hire has been forced to cease trading with immediate effect.”

TheChauffeur.com found the company had been set up in December 2009 and was dissolved in August 2011. However, the clients who were duped and left stranded by the firm made their bookings in January and February 2012.

National Limo Hire has also been trading under the names of ‘Sussex Limousine Hire’ and ‘Hampshire Limousine Hire’, implying that a larger network of potential prom goers who might have booked through these companies stands to be left without a limo hire and a loss of deposit.

June 28 and 29 are the busiest days for proms and the limo hire company’s irresponsible actions have marred several students’ experiences.