A limousine hire business owner from Cambridgeshire has been fined after he was caught operating illegally. Sooty Edwards who runs Skooters Limousines was discovered operating his limo hire company without the necessary licences which lead to the business being hit with a fine of thousands of pounds.

Skooters Limousines were caught out by police and VOSA following an undercover operation after the authorities received a number of complaints regarding the limo hire operator. Mr Edwards was found guilty of driving a stretch limo without a private hire driver’s license and also for using a private hire limo without the correct license.

As a result of the investigation which found the business was being operated illegally, 50-year-old Sooty Edwards was fined £2,700 and also ordered to pay costs of £3,483. The company, limo and the chauffeurs will all found to be operating outside of required licensing laws.

The repercussions of not being subject to proper licensing are that passengers travelling in one of the unlicensed limos would not have been able to claim for compensation had they have been involved in an accident, also the limos would not have been subject to required safety and mechanical checks to ensure they are mechanically sound before carrying fare-paying passengers.

VOSA and the police say they hope the case sends a clear message out to other limo operators that cutting corners with licensing will not be tolerated.