Limo hacking scandal causes international jealousy

Limo hacking scandal causes international jealousy

It is true that luxury hire; especially chauffeur driven can generate a lot of jealousy. Heads turn as the glorious black limousine smoothly glides past you on the high street, fuelling your envy and reminding you that you are not the one being chauffeured.


With recent limousine firm hacking scandals, it has caused a lot of intrigue, directing people to the subject of limo hire and encouraging people to voice their opinions. High profile celebrities have been hacked of their information through limousine company software, making global headlines. Donal Trump is amongst these individuals paying a price for their love of luxury limo travel.

Don Munday is an individual who provides critique on current news, posting each Monday on The City Star. This week, inevitably the focus is our favourite subject, chauffeur driven limousines.  He has written a poem, influenced by current news that is a pretty humorous take on what is going on in the world of limousine hire.

Chauffeured limousine by Don Munday

With private drivers as their guide

In luxury they smugly ride

While rest of us are left to gawk;

We drive ourselves (or, rather, walk).

How envious I sometimes burn

To see how nonchalant they turn!

Yes, chauffeured every way and all,

With servant class at beck and call!

And then I pause to note and see

The targets of my jealousy —

These ferried few, these grand controllers —

Are two or three years old, in strollers

                            Don Munday

I don’t know about you but Don seems to embody that limousine envy that is so often progressed.

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