M Cohen - Limo Digest

M Cohen - Limo Digest

MEDFORD, N.J. — Iric “Ric” Cohen, owner, founder and president of Limousine Digest and Modern Technologies Group, resigned his executive posts Tuesday following his arrest last week on charges of sexual assault and kidnapping related to an 18-year-old woman.

Limousine Digest Publisher Chris Weiss was named president of Limousine Digest Magazine and the Limousine Digest Show, according to a statement issued by Eric Alpert that identifies himself as the CEO and owner of MTG and the COO and owner of Limousine Digest and the Limousine Digest Show.

“Ric Cohen has relinquished all responsibilities to Limousine Digest and all related organizations at this time in order to focus on personal matters,” the statement reads.

The statement quotes Alpert: “Chris has been serving as the acting president of [the] Limousine Digest and the Show for some time now, and I am proud to officially recognize him and his contribution to the organizations and the industry accordingly.  .  . I am confident Chris, as president, will continue leading Limousine Digest Magazine and the Limousine Digest Show in a focused, industry-centered manner, exuding a positive, professional and diplomatic manner in all that he does.”

Details of the arrest of Cohen and another suspect, Richard Hughes, were reported by several leading Philadelphia media organizations last week.

Cohen bonded out of the Burlington County Detention Center on Dec. 30 posting $300,000 bail. A second suspect, Richard Hughes, bonded out on Dec. 29 posting $300,000 bail.

According to a South Jersey Local News article posted today: Cohen is the co-owner of Modern Technologies Group, which is located on Fostertown Road in Medford. He is the president of Limousine Digest, a trade magazine for limousine business owners. His company also sells limousine parts and owns Integrated Marketing Concepts, a graphic arts firm. Cohen also owns Global Property Management, a real estate development company.  Cohen, a Mount Laurel resident, is married with two sons.

“Cohen was previously arrested in November 1999, charged with setting 80 bales of hay on fire at the Fostertown Road office site as a means of assisting his brother, Clifford Cohen, in delivering a blazing marriage proposal to his girlfriend.  Those charges were dismissed.”

Limousine, Charter and Tour Magazine and Limousine Digest are the two leading competing trade magazines for the chauffeured transportation industry. LCT holds a trade show and convention each winter in Las Vegas, Nev., while Limousine Digest holds one each fall in Atlantic City, N.J.

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