A limo hire company in Caldicot has been allowed to operate despite a flurry of complaint from residents of the area. Limo People that operate out of an unit in Symondscliff Way are a popular limo hire company catering to South Wales and its surrounding areas. Lately, they had gathered substantial objection from neighbours who accused the company of noise pollution.
Residents accused Limo People of playing loud music late at night, talking noisily while refuelling their vehicles and creating general commotion due to their unsociable work hours.
However, a recent Monmouthshire Council ruling announced that the company can continue in business if it fulfilled conditions that would benefit the community and go towards resolving the problems that have been raised.
These include no movement of vehicles between 11pm and 7 am every day including bank holidays, restricted refuelling times and noise mitigation measures.
Local councillor Pauline Watts said the retrospective application submitted by Richard Parker should be approved as Symondscliff Way is a working area and residential areas are a fair distance away.
Cllr Peter Clarke said: “If they come back with their sound systems blaring we are going to have more problems.”
Limo People have occupied their current premises in Symondscliff Way for the past eight years. They are a recognised limo hire service providing chauffeur-driven limo hire service for a range of events. As a popular vehicle hire service, Limo People cater to most areas in Wales and the South West.