Limo Chauffer from Toronto fined

Limo Chauffer from Toronto fined

A limo chauffeur from Toronto, Canada, is furious at being issued with a $325 fine after his expired license. The driver claims to have been assured that he would be given “a period of grace” on his old license as the document expired whilst the Drive Test examiners were on strike.

The 35-year-old father of three, Jeetendra Regmi is fighting to have the fine lifted as official channels, including the Ontario Ministry of Transportation and Toronto Police have stated that drivers will not be fined if their license expires during the time of the strike. However the license must be valid before the start date of the staged disruption.

The airport chauffeur explained “my license is my life” and he is unable to earn a livelihood without it. The disruption has been ongoing since August 24th and involves some 600 employees.

Mr Regmi is outraged at the penalty and said he doesn’t “want this to happen to another driver” after his limo was towed by police at 3.30 am last week whilst he was on his way home from work.

The Ontario Government are said to be allowing extensions on commercial driver’s licenses according to the Drive Test website, on the condition that they were valid before the strike began.

In order for drivers to validate their old licences they must, under Canadian law, undergo a vision and knowledge test.

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