A limousine chauffeur in Australia has been praised for his honesty after he handed in an unmarked envelope stuffed with cash totalling $14,000.

The 60-year-old chauffeur was filling up his limousine at a petrol station in Melbourne when he happened to see a lone $50 note on the floor. The chauffeur then noticed a plain envelop lying on the side of a nearby walkway. When he opened it up, he found it to be stuffed full with $50 notes.

The veteran chauffeur says he often finds lost items in the back of his limo such as sun glasses or $10 notes, but he’s never come across $14,000 in the back of the car before. While some people may have thought twice about what to do with the cash, chauffeur Mr Buccella didn’t hesitate in handing the money in.

Four men were later seen combing the area searching for the money, and then later called the police to report the cash missing. After checking out the men’s story, the group had travelled to the city with $14,000 in cash to buy a car, the money was handed back to its rightful owner.

The chauffeur described how the man who the money had belonged to just hugged him, before slipping $100 into the chauffeur’s pocket after he refused a reward. However the young man then had to ask for the money back, after he realised he then didn’t have enough cash to pay for the car he’d come to buy!