A limousine chauffeur in the US was caught drink driving for the sixth time this week. The 57-year-old had been able to obtain the appropriate licence to drive a taxi and limo despite his previous convictions for driving under the influence as the background checks only went back three years.

Limo driver, Richard Chenoweth, was arrested by police after they pulled over his limousine which was seen swerving across the road and breaking the speed limit on a road in Marco Island, Florida.

When the authorities pulled the vehicle over for doing 45mph in a 30mph area, and found the driver was over the drink drive limit, they carried out further checks and discovered the 57-year-old held a total of five separate drink drive convictions. Due to the fact that the chauffeur had obtained the other driving under the influence convictions during the 90’s and 80’s, they were not taken into consideration when Mr Chenoweth applied for a chauffeur license.

The owner of the limo hire company which employed the chauffeur, Classic Transportation, was said to be unaware of the driver’s previous DUI charges. Because Mr Chenoweth had successfully passed the checks to obtain the hack license, his employer was satisfied that he was eligible to drive limos as a part time driver for his company. After learning about his employee’s past following his arrest, the limo hire boss says he believes the background checks need to be stricter for drivers applying for a hack licence in Collier County States.