A limousine from limo hire company Midlands Limos dramatically caught on fire and lost a wheel while taking a group of teenagers to their prom. 16 boys from Swanwick Hall School in Derbyshire were on their way to their end-of-year prom at Pride Park Stadium when the Hummer limo they’d hired stopped suddenly and abruptly. One of the front wheels had fallen off, which caused the back wheel to spark and set alight.

Two of the boys had to go to hospital for treatment for whiplash and shoulder muscle damage, but all eventually made it to the prom.

The limo apparently fell onto the road with a loud bang, according to one of the boys’ mothers, Maxine Brocklehurst. She said: “Liam heard the driver say he knew there was something seriously wrong on the last pick-up. It could have been a different story if they’d been travelling fast.

“I think it put them on edge for the rest of the night.”

Paul Roberts, of Somercotes, whose 16-year-old son Joe was also travelling in the limo, said: “The next day he was aching all over and we had to take him to A and E in Derby.

“The whole thing could have been a lot more serious and the attitude of the company stinks.”

Despite paying £31 each for the hummer, Midlands Limos has told them they will not receive a refund.

The incident happened on June 27th off the A52 in Derby. The police informed the highways agency that the hummer had made a large gouge in the road when it fell onto it. Geoff Smith of Midlands Limos, which owns the hummer, said that the driver hadn’t said there was anything wrong with the car. He said: “The vehicle’s front bearing collapsed. This happens due to wear and tear.

“The driver was only going about five to ten mph and the children all got in to another vehicle.

“The parents were quite upset but it is just one of those things. You don’t expect it to happen but vehicles do break down.

“The vehicle has an MOT certificate and had been checked.”

News source: Derbyshire TimesRipley & Heanor News.