A limousine carrying mourners to a funeral service at an Edinburgh church of Friday were astonished when they left the service, only to find that the funeral limousine had been issued with a parking ticket.

The funeral limo was parked outside of the St Andrew’s and St George’s Church along with the hearse. While the mourners were inside attending the service, a traffic warden came along and ticked the funeral car.

An angry member of the public alerted the funeral directors to the overzealous traffic warden and started taking pictures of the incident. The traffic warned was moments away from issuing a second ticket when the funeral directors pointed out to the warden that they were entitled to park in front of the church. At this point, the parking official called his supervisor to check this was the case.

The coffin was moments away from being taken out of the church when the ticket was issued, however instead of holding up proceedings, the directors took the decision to carry on as planned and ignore the situation out of respect to the mourners.

William Purves Funeral Directors revealed in an interview with the press that they had never received a parking ticket in 124 years in business.

The council have since cancelled the parking ticket which they accept was issued in error on the funeral limo. They’ve also apologised for the inconvenience caused.