Kim and Kanye are figures of stylishness, only associating with the finest things in life, priding themselves on their dedication to being the original trendsetters.

For this reason their trip to London had to be extra special, seeing Kim and Kanye travel in Limo Broker’s very own D1 Rolls Royce Ghost. With bookings of this nature it only validates our confidence in having access to the best vehicles in the country, excited by the fact that our cars attract characters like Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Rick Ross.


At Limo Broker we are very proud of our cars, revelling in the beauty that our prestigious fleet possesses. In addition to the respect such cars deserve it is the clientele that feeds our enthusiasm, especially when taking bookings for celebrities who love great cars. We find celebrities to be very precise when it comes to the cars they wish to travel in, seeing their mode of transport as a construct mirroring their wealth.

With Limo Broker offering such a glamorous and exclusive product type we inevitably witness an inflow of high-profile individuals, all looking to travel in vehicles that reflect their heightened status in the world. There really is only one manufacturer that makes cars that provide this level of impact, and that is Rolls Royce. 

Permanently maintaining professionalism when conversing with celebrities has seen Limo Broker become renowned for catering to this very particular and niche market of the rich and famous. With image being imperative cars like Rolls Royce’ serve perfectly as car hire options for the exclusives of the world.


As one of the most famous couples on the planet Kim Kardashian and Kanye West obviously require the best of the best when it comes to choosing the cars they travel in and at Limo Broker we commend them. The Rolls Royce Ghost enthuses in that sense of precedence that people like Kim and Kanye so rightly encourage. Choosing the white Rolls Royce the couple seemed to be enjoying the London experience, laughing and canoodling in the back of the Rolls.


This very car has been the choice of a number of celebrities visiting London; with Rolls Royce owner and rapper Rick Ross as well as Towie’s Chloe Simms taking a ride in the vehicle. 

If you would like to hire a Rolls Royce Ghost then why not hire the exact car in these pictures, the very vehicle that has seated Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Rick Ross, Chloe Sims, Scott Disick and Dexter Koh. Contact Limo Broker today and make your booking!