Like us, the world is made up of football fanatics; all eager to get the chance to see their favourate teams play and most importantly walk away as the champions.

Next month marks the Scottish League Cup Final, a prolific game on the UK sporting calendar.

For many, the ability to go to this game is greatly limited with the location playing a big part in the issue. The game will be hosted by Celtic Park, a surprising choice. Aberdeen and Inverness will go head to head, with the winner being named the ultimate team of Scotland.

Celtic Park has been chosen to host the game as a result of timing. It has been reported that Ibrox did not have enough time to prepare the pitch for the game so opted out.

We would have thought that Hampden would have been the next choice yet the venue is unavailable as it is in the preparation stages for the Commonwealth Games, which inevitably takes priority.

SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster said:

“We’ve lost Hampden as a result of the Commonwealth Games this summer,”

“So, we were left with two to consider and we had a full consultation with the clubs involved, both venues: Celtic Park and Ibrox; and with Police Scotland and the broadcasters.

“The key determining factor was that, at Ibrox on the day before the final, Rangers are due to host Dunfermline.

“That’s likely to be a live televised game and, in those circumstances, it just wouldn’t have been possible for the broadcasters to de-rig on the Saturday and get rigged up in time for the Sunday.

“We’ve been left with Celtic Park and are delighted to be coming to Celtic Park, which has a huge tradition of hosting big European games.

“We’re absolutely sure it’ll provide a great venue for the first final for the Scottish Professional Football League.”

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