Studio 338 has been a buzzword of late with everyone desperate to experience the heavily promoted wonders of this exotic venue.

Thousands of Brits reside in the Spanish location of Ibiza each and every summer, basking in the sun and enjoying the constant partying. British youth culture is so prominent in Ibiza that Britain needed to win their youngsters back, launching London’s very own Ibiza clubland.


Studio 338 is located in the southeast of London in the area of Greenwich, a location bursting with a colourful nightlife.

With such venues being exclusive to the detached countries the British scene has traditionally been associated with mischievousness. Taking over old warehouses, derelict industrial properties and abandoned houses has usually been our style for musical unity.

Dan Perrin, 338’s musical director, says the venue will feature “brands and artists that fanatical early-20s club kids would walk barefoot to Kent to go and see,”

House and techno are “90% of the musical character of this place”, but drum’n’bass brand Hospitality are also set to create partnerships with the club.

There is a certain enigma with this club that has inevitably intrigued people throughout the country to come flocking. Perrin explains that the club owner wishes to stay anonymous, suggesting him to be a prolific figure within this industry. The musical Director says he owns “specialist places in and around Bow, mostly eastern European cultural type places, if you will”.

The club opened its doors last weekend and has received nothing but promising reviews, suggesting the venue to be a long-lived success rather than a temporary party trend.

Phil Dudman, clubs editor of Mixmag magazine, said: “The youth are a discerning bunch – and in London, you can be really fussy … Things are pretty fierce in this market, because it’s more popular than it’s ever been, but diluted across a very interesting scene.”

There were however some sceptics regarding the noise pollution and crime factor associated with such clubs. With Greenwich being a pretty well-off area with many older residents; they may have opposed the launch of Studio 338. One club attendant said:

“The people are under control, there’s no trouble, it’s nice. No one’s too over-friendly, too over-hyped. This is the best club I’ve been to in London, definitely – Shoreditch doesn’t pull the names which you want it to pull.”

After the cool down period of the weekdays the club is expected to experience a huge number of clubbers again this weekend.

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