Limo Broker to Accept Bitcoins for Transport Hire

Limo Broker to Accept Bitcoins for Transport Hire

As you are aware, at Limo Broker we are always trying our hand at new and exciting projects, ensuring we stay with the times as far as modern technology is concerned. This agenda of ours has seen an intriguing turnaround with the introduction of the Bitcoin.


After carrying out extensive and strenuous research into Bitcoins, the new digital currency, we have drawn up a few conclusions and are working on implementing the acceptance of this currency into our business.

A Bitcoin is a new form of online currency that has taken the financial arena by storm, opening up numerous doors to economic innovation. Arguably removing an element of power from the banks, Bitcoins provide the freedom of financial distribution, enabling the individual to have complete control over their wealth.

Where as their introduction into the world has generated varied opinions governments and central banks are now taking the Bitcoin seriously and so is Limo Broker.

download (7)For those who are less knowledgeable of the functions of a Bitcoin they act as a store of value as well as a means of exchange. Bitcoins are kept in an online wallet and can only be used at the dictation of the Bitcoin holder.

This digital age comes hand in hand with scepticism with people feeling uncomfortable with inputting personal details online. The Bitcoin has removed that sense of worry. It offers the ability to pay instantly and securely, a payment path the world has been seeking for some time now. You can trace each transaction made with each coin, safeguarding your investment.

At present this payment path is not widely accepted. Saying that, the attention that it has generated suggests that this could be a financial structure that will be found worldwide in the coming years.

Limo Broker is looking to incorporate the Bitcoin into their procedures and are working on gift vouchers that can be paid for using this revolutionary method. If all goes well, which we are very confident in saying, we will apply Bitcoin payments for bookings with us as well as payments to the drivers.

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