The inspiring charity event will be held in Colwick hall in Nottingham tomorrow evening, celebrating ten years of dedication to providing impeccable care and facilities to teenagers diagnosed with cancer.


The BRAD’S fundraiser isn’t solely to raise money for The Teenage Cancer Trust but to celebrate the life of Brad, a young boy who was diagnosed with a Rhabdomyosarcoma, a soft tissue tumour in his pelvis. He unfortunately lost his battle with this dreadful disease and died on 13th October 2003. Although he is no longer with us his memory lives on and his reputation of caring for others continues.

In his last years he spend his time attending Teenage Cancer Trust events and had been really impressed with their actions and attitudes to the needs of adolescents that he wanted to get involved.

Following discussions with his family and friends he decided that we should start an action plan to raise money and awareness to help teenagers with cancer and their families, helping to gain support from them for new facilities that he felt the area was in need of. Although the cancer served him a bad hand in life he did not loose focus and found so much energy to inject into this project.

The Teenage Cancer Trust in an organisation that hold a place in Limo Brokers’ heart. We really support this cause and are trying out utmost to give charities of this nature as much exposure as possible.

If you are interested in attending and would like to help support or sponsor the evening in any way please contact us at