Limo Broker has today made technological history with their latest service, a unique facility that allows customers to be chauffeured whilst enjoying the comfort of their own home.

One of the biggest issues with modern life is time, well the lack of it. People are busier than ever with the increase of working hours and generally witnessing more pressure to deliver at the workplace.

Juggling work and family can be pretty difficult and when you throw socialising into the mix the pressure is well and truly turned up. As a result of this spending time with friends can seem unattainable, instilling a great sense of disbelief in the world as we know it.


It seems that we at Limo Broker have solved all the problems of the 21st century, showcasing the world’s first virtual limo ride.

Limousines encompass that sense of indulgence that when we are busy we most defiantly hanker for. Thoughts of relaxation consume our minds in times of anxiety with the idea of luxury appearing detached from reality.

The young professionals of our time are famous for missing out on the social scene of their area, simply due to them being governed by the clock. With the virtual limousine this could all become a thing of the past, launching the world into the future of limousine hire.

With the virtual limo you can now enjoy the beauty of great limousines and fabulous company from your living room, dressed in your pyjamas whilst travelling the city of London.

How have we done this? I hear you say.


Boasting an admirable repertoire of technological geniuses we have combined cutting edge webcam technology and holograms to create this masterpiece. This is not only a revelation in technology but in life in general, allowing friends and family to converse through their devices yet inside a prestigious limousine.

Our dedication to leaving nobody out of the greatness of our fleet has been intensified, bringing the city tour to a whole new level.

The only person that will have to take time out of their schedule is the chauffeur who will drive you virtually anywhere you request!

The 360-degree webcam will show all virtual passengers what the limousine sees yet do not have to face the elements!

If you want to enjoy a virtual limo ride then contact us today.