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Silks Day is a joyous celebration that marks a professional milestone in the career of a Barrister. This ceremony lays out the foundations for the legal hierarchy within the country with the last say coming from none other than Her Majesty the Queen.

Those who have practiced law for over a decade have to chance to receive the honour of the right to wear silk, boasting seniority over other Barristers.  In order to receive such an accolade the Lord Chancellor must recommend and approve the right to be made Queen’s Counsel.


As a mark of outstanding ability the celebrations have to match this dedication to perfection with the theme of the best being present throughout the day.

This is a competitive process with 100 new appointments as Queen’s Counsel, from 225 applicants being announced on Wednesday 19 February 2014.

Queen’s Counsel members are appointed by The Queen, on the advice of the Lord Chancellor.  He is in turn advised by an independent Selection Panel which receives and considers each application and makes recommendations as to appointment.

The Silk Ceremony is to be held on Monday 14 April 2014 and this year is set to be bigger and better than ever. With months of planning the celebrations are finely tuned to result in success.

In a press release from the judging panel Helen Pitcher, Chairman of the Selection board was quoted to say:

‘I am delighted at the announcement of the new silks. I congratulate each one of them.   The selection process is a rigorous and demanding one.  We collect confidential assessments from judges, fellow advocates and professional clients, who give freely of their time to provide vital evidence about an applicant’s demonstration of the competencies.  The best applicants are then interviewed by two members of the Panel, following which the whole Panel discuss all the evidence on each applicant.

Each year, the Panel has the difficult task of identifying the truly excellent advocates.  I am confident that those appointed today truly deserve to be Queen’s Counsel.

Unsuccessful applicants will of course be very disappointed. But I must stress that almost all of those who are unsuccessful are nevertheless highly respected and effective advocates.

Finally, I should like to thank Sir Anthony May, Sir Colin Budd and Razi Shah, who are standing down from the Selection Panel at the end of this competition, for their contribution to our work.’

If you are part of April’s celebrations then make sure you have the best vehicle to transport you to and from the ceremony, something that screams success and accomplishment.

At Limo Broker we have experienced a flood of bookings for April 14th with many choosing our vintage collection, seeing such cars fitting to the sense of tradition that being a Barrister offers.

Why not scroll through our Vintage Car Collection and search for the perfect car appropriate for your submission into the world of Silk.

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