the Limo Broker logo journey

the Limo Broker logo journey

Limo Broker is renowned for its dedication to modernity, always evolving to stay in touch with the current consumer market.

From fleet expansion and the constant revision of their online payment system to their approach to web design, Limo Broker are constantly surprising customers and competitors alike.

Their attention to detail is what justifies them as the market leaders for luxury vehicle hire, finely-tuning every division of their business to give customers the best consumer experience possible.

Limo Broker has since their first day of trading shown a passion for branding, ensuring that they stand out amongst the crowd. The brokerage has this week launched the latest design of their iconic logo, a risky move that many companies do not choose to alter too often.


With companies becoming synonymous with their logo many feel that making alterations could compromise the brand image that has been created over the years.

When thinking that the simple BP Logo cost £4.6 million to make it really puts into perspective how important an effective logo is in advertising your business.

Limo Broker however have always boasted the confidence to move with the times, continually working on their logo to fit in with their forever-in-development website.

With the logo being such an important aspect of business branding Limo Broker have managed to keep the brand image alive for over a decade, tweaking their logo to secure branding is both fresh and original.

Limo Broker has since the exposition of their business venture used their logo as a way to communicate with their customers, immediately illustrating to them the impeccable service on offer to them. The iconography directly relays that Limo Broker is a national organisation, incorporating the map of the United Kingdom into the imagery. With uniqueness in abundance their latest logo represents everything that the brand stands for, modernity, innovation and originality.

It is safe to say that Limo Broker investing their time, effort and budget into their logo has paid off. Their new flat designed logo is simplistic and in-keeping with modern graphic design. By eliminating drop shadows their logo is now aesthetically perfect.

Benjamin Jones, the company’s head Designer says:

‘With the Limo Broker website attracting the majority of their visits through mobile devices it only makes sense to use a flat logo, with flat images scaling better on smaller screens.’

Take a look at the development of the Limo Broker logo over the past ten years and leave your thoughts with us.

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