One of the biggest issues in the limousine industry is finding places to park with the size of limos making it pretty difficult to carry out your traditional reverse parking manoeuvre.

Being such a drama amongst our limo drivers we have finally found a solution, the world’s first limo vertical parking device! Banded ‘the future of parking’ by Jeremy Clarkson the device is set to completely reinvent the limo industry, making life a lot easier for professional chauffeurs.

How it works

The device attaches itself to the rear wheels, running along the chassis for support. The whole mechanism then sits on top of a hydraulic ramp, allowing the nose of the limo to face the sky.

The creator behind the ramp says:

‘Not only will this save a lot of space on the roads but it will also give limos the attention they deserve with motorists seeing limos from a far’.

Tuned up to the limos electric system this creation has shaken the industry with limo production companies all bidding to purchase the rights to the Limo Broker creation. From Chrysler and Audi to Mercedes and Jeep, the Limo Broker HQ has been inundated with manufacturers desperate to integrate this mechanical device into new and old models.

Plans to sell the system 

Having only today rolled out the parking system on our own limos only time will tell whether we snap one of these manufacturers up on their offer. Limo Broker boss, Tej Randeva says:

‘We have only just set this amazing device into the wild and we currently have no plans to sell the rights to anyone. That said never say never, who knows what the future will hold for the vertical parking system.’

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