Limo Broker have launched an ambitious new online pricing system which will allow customers across the country the opportunity to obtain accurate quotes for their chosen limo hire trip in real time.

As a national limo hire broker, offering an online pricing facility in real time is no easy task as Limo Broker offers thousands of different limousines, chauffeur cars and party buses for hire in all parts of the UK so any combination of limo and location could arise, which means the systems has to be prepared for any eventuality.

For a single limo hire operator, offering an online pricing service is straight forward as they only cover a limited area and have a handful of limousines to manage, thereby reducing the potential journey options available.

The new Limo Broker service will take all of the hassle out of tracking down a competitive deal on chauffeur driven limo hire as customers can obtain a quote quickly and efficiently. The whole process takes minutes, just fill in the basic information for your desired limo hire trip, and a cost effective quote will be generated in seconds.

Not ones to rest on their laurels, Limo Broker have already set their sights on their latest project to offer their customers the very best deal on chauffeur driven limo hire. The leading limousine hire provider is currently in the process of developing discount voucher codes which will be redeemable against all limo hire booking made with the national operator.