Limo Broker launches brand new website

Limo Broker launches brand new website

We are happy to announce the launch of our new website, with our partner designers at MOBO Media working tirelessly to get the new site and system up and running before Christmas.

As the face of our business, our website is where most of our customers are introduced to our fleet, services  and car hire packages, therefore needs to be as welcoming and informative as possible. Through updated images of our vehicles, a new booking facility as well as refreshed, helpful content, we are proud to promote the redesign to both the industry and our valued customers.

Looking to roll out a series of updates and developments in 2017, the new website design has been modernised; boasting improved functionalities, loading quicker and is a lot easier to navigate. Supporting our aim to provide a seamless limo and car hire service, the new site will extend on our no-fuss style, giving brides, prom queens, party planners and hen parties a quick and easy way to plan their events.

Online booking system

One feature that received a great  response is the online booking system; a new addition to the website that permits users to search, compare and place a vehicle hire booking. Saving time as well as money, this feature has been deployed in time for those looking to book transport for Christmas parties, the remaining sporting events of 2015 as well as wedding and prom cars in preparation for 2017 celebrations.

Visit today and let us know what you think of our new look.

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