It is true that our vehicles end up in some pretty amazing situations, having seated the likes of Kim Kardashian, been on tour with The Vamps and this week featuring in the new sitcom Cockroaches.

Featuring stars such as Jack Whitehall, Daniel Lawrence Taylor and Esther Smith, we all anticipated the first episode of ITV2’s Cockroaches, and we were not disappointed.

The sitcom depicts what it would be like if the world were to end, focusing on the relationship choices we would make as a result. The post-Armageddon situation is although serious is theme, hilariously represented, showing the streets of Essex in complete dismay.

Where such stories have been illustrated as adventurous, traumatic events in other dystopian programmes Cockroaches hones in on how the human being is left in hilariously awkward situations, playing with the question ‘what if I were the last man on earth?’.

It is hinted upon that we can expect a rather interesting love triangle involving the three protagonists, with many funny trials and tribulations unfolding on the streets of Essex.

Created by Big Talk Productions the opening scene sees characters Tom and Suze pushing a trolley through the city, surrounded by some great vehicles that have been abandoned during the anarchy.

Amongst those vehicles lays our stunning pink Hummer, hired by the producers as a vital prop in the ever so important exposition.

Watch the trailer and let us know what you think!