Limo Broker featured in school prom article in The Independent

Limo Broker featured in an article in The Independent on proms for the under 12's

Just weeks after leading UK limousine hire company Limo Broker were approached by The Sunday Times to contribute to an article on school proms, another top UK newspaper, The Independent, has turned to Limo Broker for their take on the phenomenon that is the British School Prom.

The article published in The Independent this week, please see the following link, concentrates on the rise in popularity of primary school proms. The tradition of the American school prom is to celebrate the end of school life as 16-year-old pupils go out into the world, to either University or work.

However the younger kids also want a slice of the action, and now proms for the under 12’s are being organised for pupils to wave goodbye to their primary school years in style.

While some parents and teachers welcome the new craze for proms for primary school children, others are despairing saying the grown-up events are robbing youngsters of their childhood. Love them or loathe them, one thing’s for certain, they’re on the increase.

Limo Broker is asked in The Independent article to recount its experiences of dealing with primary school proms. Martin Latner, from Limo Broker, explains where the biggest rise in limo hire for under 12’s proms has been seen saying: “Particularly in the Midlands and in London we’ve seen a massive boost,” Latner goes on to say, “I remember when I got my first call from an 11-year-old. I was definitely surprised. We’re expecting it to be twice as bad next year.”

With the popularity of the school prom gaining momentum year on year, this can only spell good news for the limousine hire industry. Some hire companies are even predicting that proms will take over from weddings as the most popular occasion for limo hire in the UK within the next two-years.

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