Before we start it is probably a good idea to explain what a Limo-Bike is. A Limo-Bike is the latest alternative transport method to hit London city, attracting high profile customers such as Holly Willoughby and Richard Branson across the city.

Allowing customers to ride pillion the bike offers itself as a fun, extravagant transport option, getting right under the skin of UK taxi drivers.

Obviously Branston’s endorsement is pretty calculated, with the idea coming from Virgin.

A Telegraph journalist explains:

‘A limo bike is effectively a two-wheeled taxi. On our capital’s congested roads that gives it the significant advantage of being able to filter – the art of weaving through slow moving or stationary traffic – something that will come to the fore on my journey.’

With taxi drivers facing great trouble with overheads such as taxi insurance swapping the traditional cab for a bike could be a viable business choice.

Being branded the ‘taxi of the future’ this two-wheeled taxi has been shuttling people from London city to Heathrow. With the journey taking just fifty minutes we can see why people are choosing this mode of transport over the traditional cab, with travellers putting at least another thirty minutes on top of their journey.

The bike is however at a great advantage when compared against a four wheeled vague, With congested London being an infamous nightmare the limo-bike boast the ability to swerve in between cars, not phased by long periods of traffic.

There are currently 11 limo-bikes operating in London, and all are piloted by “professional” motorcyclists. What do you think, would you choose a limo-bike over a cab to the airport? Leave your comments below.