Formula One driver, Lewis Hamilton, has stated that he and his Mercedes team need to be more consistent in order to challenge Ferrari. This comes just before the British driver is due to take part in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

However, it seems the world champion is nervous as he nods that Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari still remain the front runners for the competition.

Hamilton, 32, said, “Consistency is the key to winning the championship,”

“Up until now, Sebastian has had the consistency of a winning championship, so we have to improve if we are going to have a shot at winning this title.”

Hamilton is trailing 12 points behind Vettel in the drivers’ championship, even though both have three wins apiece. It was obvious that he struggled in Monaco, due to failing to find the correct set up and balance for his car whilst having difficulty putting his tyres in their correct temperature-operating window.

However, he and the team addressed these problems which seen him go on to take fourth career grand slam of pole. This seen him in the lead for every lap of the race, and setting in the fastest lap in Montreal. This was the second time he’s done that this season, again, proving his dominance in the sport.

Mercedes are hopeful that they will be able to repeat this exceptional performance in Baku. However, Hamilton isn’t taking anything for granted. Whilst speaking about Ferrari he said, “They have had a more consistent season so far. We’ve had more of an up-and-down season. I think they still are favourites in terms of the fact their car seems to work everywhere. But I think there’s more unlocked potential in our car.”

The team have new regulations to stick to this season, and so teams are still working on the vehicles to better develop them. Additionally, Hamilton believes there is more to come, “I’m hoping by August, coming into September, by then we are the favourites,”

“I looked through what I went through last year here and know where all the pitfalls and the issues I had then and don’t plan on having the same issues this weekend,” he said. “But it’s a new year, a new day, I am sure there will be other scenarios this weekend. I feel 12 months later we are better prepared than we were then.”

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