As an Olympic icon Usain Bolt has become synonymous with speed, leisurely crossing the finish line in every race in Rio. While you may not be able to catch the sprinter for love nor money you can own a piece of his speed, with his BMW 335i Coupe now live on eBay. Capturing great levels of interest the car on offer was actually owned by the sportsman, seeing car and sporting fanatics enter a bidding war on the shopping site eBay.


Sporting a pricetag of £100,000 the BMW was in fact gifted to the Golden medalist by a sponsor. As a congratulations for his ground-breaking 200 metre world record at the World Championships in Berlin the car acts as a time capsule, representing a great period in sporting history.

The black BMW features personalised detailed that understandably add value to the vehicle, sporting 19.19 (his record time) on the badge. Accompanied by U.B initials and lightening bolts the car is far from understated, with its gullwings and rather loud engine making it very much a statement car rather than a convenience vehicle.


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