Just a week after Hollywood actress, Gwyneth Paltrow, hit the headlines for opting to hop inside a limo and chauffeured to a venue a few metres away, Kylie Minogue was photographed in London committing the exact same crime.

The pop princess has been seen out and about on the streets of London in the last week filming for her new music video, however it was the singer’s decision to opt for a limo transfer to a second filming location, as opposed to just walking around the corner on her own two legs, which proved the biggest talking point amongst the tabloids.

The Aussie singer was sporting a pair of denim cut off hot pants combined with a leather jacket and spike stiletto heels during filming for her new music video in the capital last Thursday which may explain why the Can’t Get You Out of My Head singer chose to travel in a chauffeured limo to avoid the famous great British weather. Kylie was spotted heading towards the black limo with an assistant carrying an umbrella to shield the star from the drizzling rain.

A tabloid newspaper reported that the former Neighbours actress was filming part of her video at a warehouse in London, before needing to move around the corner to a second location. The distance between the two sets was described by one source as just 75 metres.