The Kardashians are known for their love of shoes, men and cars (not necessarily in the order), with only the best of the best being acceptable in all categories. It seems like their cars are just a disposable as their shoes and men with car Queen, Kimmy K, purchasing a brand new Rolls Royce Phantom.

Her expensive taste in cars has been the focus on the internet today, all wanting to see her $400,000 bespoke vehicle. The 34-year-old was spotted driving the 2015 plate car with Platinum Motorsport plates, suggesting she had customisation work done prior to bringing it home.

Solid matte silver in colour with dark-tinted windows and narrow headlights, the new, four-door sedan was clearly not cheap, and with Kim’s taste we can only imagine the extra features fitted inside.

While the Phantom is the newest edition to her private fleet it is not her first Rolls Royce by any stretch, having owned several high-end vehicles from the British carmakers.

Ghost Vs Phantom


Kim has had at least two Rolls Royce cars in the past, both models in the Ghost line. Now moving over to join the Phantom owners of the world she is expected to receive a whole new driving experience.

Although many think the Ghost and Phantom to be very similar vehicles they are in fact not, with any Rolls Royce fan feeling the differences as soon as they take a seat.

If you have had the experience of sitting in both then you will know that you sit far lower in the Ghost. Although sitting much higher than your ordinary saloon it does show how the Phantom has gotten its name for being a lot more ‘snug’ than the Ghost.

Car Blogger Hallett says:

‘The Ghost’s cabin looks and feels exceptional but there are still myriad more buttons on display than in the bigger car.’

‘Away from the kerb there are huge differences too. The lighter, more powerful Ghost has an accelerative urge that the Phantom can’t even hope to match. It also feels a good deal more nimble on tight, twisty roads.’

Let us know what you think, would you prefer to own a Ghost or a Phantom? Leave your thoughts below.