Kim Jong Un’s limousine branded a ‘portable-potty’

Kim Jong Un’s limousine branded a ‘portable-potty’

It’s been a huge week for high-profile limousines, with many details emerging over what both Donald Trump and Vladmir Putin can expect from their new rides. Now, North Korea’s Kim Jong Un joins the race, unveiling his spectacular limousine. Surrounded by 12 bodyguards (on foot), the limousine was rather hard to miss!

Basic requests

Whilst Trump is renowned for his lavish tastes (once sporting a gold limousine), it appears that Jong Un’s requests are far more basic; an in-cabin toilet.

“There are multiple vehicles within the convoy so that people cannot tell which one he is in, and there is a separate car that acts as his restroom” a source confirms.

Apparently, the leader requires a secret restroom everywhere he goes. Though a bit of an unusual feature, when you apply some logic, it makes sense. Being a busy individual that travels a great deal, having a toilet to hand is a good idea. But, did you know that he requests his own toilet no matter how he travels? This goes for air travel as well as trains and limos.

But, is there something more to this? Well, according to many, the president having his own toilet in his limo is about control, knowing exactly where the toilet’s contents is going and, in whose hands (pardon the imagery). Some believe that the toilet is to stop foreign intelligence operatives from gaining access to his excrement, not being able to determine the state of his health.

“If true, it really speaks to the paranoia of the North Korean regime,” Bongino, a Former U.S. Secret Service agent says.

Where a great deal of focus has been placed on the potty, we at Limo Broker cannot deny the good looks of the car. Opting for another sleek, black Mercedes-Benz, the car is stunning and surprisingly understated for such a powerful man.

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