Keeping up With the Car-Dashians – Kourtney Kardashian Shows Off New SLS

Keeping up With the Car-Dashians – Kourtney Kardashian Shows Off New SLS

The Kardashians are infamous for boasting a beautiful collection of cars, all sporting great price tags and embodying a certain rarity that we all seek for.

kim ghost

We have seen Kim Kardashian (soon to be Kim West) in a variety of sought after cars. From Ferrari’s and Range Rovers to Rolls Royce Ghosts and Maserati’s, her fleet is far from boring.

As we know, Kim Kardashian is famous for just being famous, providing her with a substantial amount of disposable income. What she chooses to do with her money is up to her but when it is being spent on such beautiful cars it inevitably encourages Limo Broker to pass comment.

05-1352109946-kim-mercedes-601As an international trendsetter Mercedes recognised the advantages of offering the very first model of the G63 to the celebrity socialite that is Kim Kardashian.

Having such an affluent presence on social media, Kim spent time tweeting and Facebooking her exceptional car, boasting the fact that she had the first one. Without the car even being displayed in showrooms there was one on Kim Kardashian’s driveway. This was enough advertising for the sales of the car to succeed for years to come.


It seems that her sister has adopted this love for stunning motors, today being pictured in the most beautiful white Mercedes with gullwing doors. Kourtney Kardashian is not really associated with being a cash splasher, possessing a maternal image of purity in comparison to her siblings.


We are so used to her partner, Scott, displaying a public love for expensive cars but the tables seems to have turned. Kourtney rolled up in her brand new SLS looking pretty happy with herself. Dressed in her infamous all black gym ensemble she had a certain spring in her step that is only seen when people are just about to climb into such cars.

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