For most the New Year marks a fresh start, a clean slate, ridding of all the problematic workings that previous years have presented you with. Learning from your mistakes can give way to a successful future with New Year’s resolutions helping aid personal improvement. Resolutions are very common ways to start the New Year with a bang! If we were to dictate the New Year’s resolutions of Justin Bieber it would definitely be to stay out of trouble in 2014.

Teen superstar Justin Bieber had a pretty interesting 2013 getting himself into a preternatural amount of sticky situations. Incredible highs were matched with incredible lows seeing the Canadian star caught up in a drug scandal, being branded one of the most followed people on Twitter and allegedly fathering a child, to name but a few key occasions of the year.


The pop heartthrob has already managed to get himself in a spot of bother this year, allegedly being involved in an assault against a limo driver.

With the best legal team there is the public know very little of Bieber’s direct involvement with this assault, leaving us sceptical over his innocence. Now possessing an image synonymous with aggression and illegal practice this story has not really come as a shock to us.

Reportedly it was a member of the infamous Bieber entourage who attacked the limo driver; however this still doesn’t bode well for Bieber. The victim of this assault is said to have been hired to drive the whole crew, including Bieber, around Toronto.

Reports have suggested that Bieber’s involvement is crucial in the police’ investigation into the case.