Actress turned singer Juliette Lewis was hospitalized on Wednesday night after a hit and run driver ploughed into the back of her chauffeur driven limo in California.

The Oscar nominated actress was reported to have pain in her head, back and legs following the smash and was taken to hospital as a precaution. The star was released some hours later having sustained only minor injuries. She’s now said to be resting at home and “a bit banged up and sore” according to her spokesperson.

The chauffeur driven limousines was hit from behind after a speeding car jumped a red light, crashing straight into the singer’s limo. The driver sped off from the scene, the car was later found abandoned close to where the accident took place.

The driver had fled the scene by the time police found the car, they are now carrying out investigations to try and trace the driver of the vehicle.

Juliette, who is the singer with the band The New Romantiques, was said to be on her way home from an event to promote her new movie Conviction which also stars Hilary Swank.

Although the 37-year-old actress walked away from the accident with only minor injuries, the same couldn’t be said for the limo which has reportedly been written off following the hit and run incident.

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