The thieves got away with many jewels

The thieves got away with many jewels

A jewellery store worker from Singapore fled the scene of the robbery he carried out in a hired limousine. The store supervisor stole 366 expensive watches during the heist worth an estimated $7.6 million.

Jerry Ee had worked at Cortina’s Roffles City Outlet since April 2007. He was able to make away with the costly timepieces by letting himself into the store’s safe using his own key. After making a hasty getaway from the store on Christmas day, complete with his loot, Ee raced to his home in his rented limo before heading to the Bangkok Airport in order to flee the country. The limo hire had been pre-arranged by Ee as part of his intricate plot.

Due to Ee’s position in the jewellery store meant he was able to disable and re-install the security alarms without alerting suspicion. The heist took just under 25 minutes while Ee packed two holdalls full of goods which included Rolex and Patek Phillipe watches which fetch around half a million dollars each.

Despite the high speed getaway in the luxury limo, Ee was tracked down by the Singapore police in Thailand in March of this year and has been on remand ever since. The 36-year-old pleaded guilty and is due to be sentenced on the 18th of September; he faces a potential 15 year jail sentence.

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