A limousine created from the body of a jet could well be the ultimate party vehicle.

The unique vehicle has been created in Mexico by Martin Vaca who heads up his own company, Vaca Limousines, creating innovative limousines using parts from other vehicles.

Vaca Limousines based in Guadalajara in Mexico bought the body of a former jet plane and set to work turning it into an impressive party limo 6 months ago. Although Vaca Limos has been creating limos out of unusual pieces in the past, this was by far their biggest project to date.

The biggest challenge was to reduce the size of the jet body down so as to allow it to be roadworthy and able to travel safely along public highways. A Mercedes Benz bus engine was also installed, helping the limo to achieve a top speed of 150 km/ph.

After working solidly on the project for 6 months, the jet limo was complete. The finished limousine has room onboard for 50 passengers and features state of the art entertainment and luxury onboard facilities such as a bar, big screen TV, specially created lounge/ chill out room, and dance floor.

The jet body set Vaca back $6,000, however the party limo is now hiring out for $1,000 a night and is extremely popular for a variety of occasions including corporate and private events such as weddings, birthdays and other special celebrations.