Two luxury stretch limousines were destroyed this week after VOSA implemented a new law which allows the government agency the power to destroy limos which have been found to be operating illegally.

The moment the two Ford Excursions limos went into the giant crusher in Newport was witnessed by leading luxury transport online magazine, The Chauffeur, who filmed the event. A video of the limo being destroyed through the world’s largest metal crusher is now available to view on The Chauffeur website.

The unrecognisable shells of the two limos are now due to be shipped out to China to be recycled.

The two limousines were seized by VOSA after they were found to be operating illegally by a transport company in South Wales. In 2009, new regulations gave VOSA the authority to impound, and in certain cases, destroy limousines which were being used to transport 8 or more paying customers without a valid Operator’s Licence.

In the UK, all transport firms offering passenger service vehicles with 8 or more passenger seats must have a valid Operator’s Licence as this proves that the vehicle meets all safety standards.

Although VOSA was granted the powers to destroy limos found to operating illegally in 2009, this is the first instance in which limousines have actually been crushed. VOSA hopes the destruction of the two Ford Excursion limousines will act as a deterrent to other limousine hire companies who are operating illegally in the UK.