A hummer-mad Malaysian businessman has recently taken delivery of a specially commissioned 13 metre hummer limousine which has room to accommodate 30 people onboard.

The colossal hummer is one of three impressive limos owned by businessman Liu Yun Lian. Since purchasing his first 5-door hummer some time ago, the millionaire says his love for the chunky hummer limo has not waned, in fact, he says his desire to own bigger and better hummers pushes him to achieve more in his professional life.

Mr Liu believes his is the only 13 metre hummer in Asia as the businessman had the vehicle custom made by a specialist coach builder in the US before having it shipped over to his home near Kuala Lumpier.

However the 13 metre hummer almost went to someone else as only one of these huge hummers is made every year and so Mr Liu ended up in a bidding war with another potential buyer in Mexico – however a sizeable undisclosed bid, believed to be the equivalent to the cost of a luxury home, sealed the deal for the hummer-mad businessman.

Taking the massive hummers out on the road requires a great deal of planning and man power as six bodyguards-come-chauffeurs are needed with two drivers in normal sedans driving ahead and behind the 13 metre and 9 metre hummers to monitor the upcoming traffic and road conditions, while each hummer as one chauffeur and another bodyguard in the passenger seat acting as a lookout for potential issues which could affect the hummer’s progress along its route.

At 13 metres long, the hummer has more than enough room onboard for luxury features and has been fully kitted out with a karaoke booth, bar, led lighting touch screen displays and leather sofas. Those who’ve travelled onboard have described the hummer as a “castle on wheels.”