Hummer limo gets stuck on snowy Lake District road

Hummer limo gets stuck on snowy Lake District road

A hummer limousine carrying 12 football fans became trapped in snow and ice whilst travelling through the Lake District on New Year’s Day. The Langdole and Amberside Mountain Rescue crew were scrambled and succeeded in getting the whole group to safety within an hour and a half.

A satellite navigation system could be to blame for leading the driver of the limousine onto the treacherous road. The limo got stuck on the summit of Kirkstone Pass which is the Lake District’s highest pass that is open to motor vehicles. Despite the poor driving conditions on the steep road, the satellite navigation system failed to warn the driver to the heavy snow and ice on the road up ahead which it had directed the driver to follow.

It has been reported that the group onboard the huge limo had been travelling to watch a Barrow AFC match but became stuck on the road at approximately 10pm on New Year’s Day.

All limo passengers and the driver were evacuated from the area safely and no injuries were reported.

This was just one of a spate of rescue operations which have taken place on the Kirkstone Pass in recent days since the heavy snow fall and cold weather began. The same Mountain Rescue crew have come to the aid of a number of walkers over the New Year period, who have suffered falls on the ice.

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