According to industry website , a number of costly stretch limousines are being destroyed in a move that is being seen as a targeted effort to end the UK limo hire industry. In a recent act, the website reports that fire-fighters tore the roof off a £40,000 Hummer H2 limousine on 17 September in what the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) claim was an exercise to demonstrate “how difficult it is to remove the roof from such a vehicle to rescue passengers”.

However, not all share this sentiment with members of the limo hire industry infuriated at the act. Many allege that this is a calculated effort to finish the limo hire business in the UK with previous events fueling this thought such as one where VOSA rolled a large commercial vehicle on to another stretch 4×4 limousine.

The latest ‘attack’ on the limo industry is the one on the Hummer H2 which took place at the Surrey Fire Brigade Headquarters in Reigate. The luxury vehicle’s roof was torn down with cutting equipment. have provided an exclusive video shot at the spot.

Bill Bowling from the National Limousine and Chauffeur Association said: “This is yet another character assassination attempt on limousines by VOSA. If you look at the figures, limousine travel is safer than any other form of road transport in the number of people carried per accident, taxis and private hire vehicles are way in front of limousines, but as per usual we are the target.”

“I note that they never ever contact the trade association before they embark on yet another crusade. I would be interested to hear the outcome, I would also encourage them to roll an HGV over a normal saloon and compare the results, I bet they don’t!”