A woman from Texas has been arrested on suspicion of using a hummer vehicle to mow down a man, identified as her husband.

It’s alleged that the 23-year-old woman got behind the wheel of the black hummer H2 last Friday evening, steering the vehicle directly towards her husband who was on foot, ploughing into the victim and then driving off from the scene of the incident at high speed.

Gina Solazar from Central El Paso in Texas, USA, was arrested on Saturday on suspicion of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The deadly weapon in this case was the large hummer truck style vehicle used to run over the pedestrian. Ramon Mercado, the husband of Ms Solazar, was named as the victim and was rushed to hospital on Friday evening following the collision.

Witnesses to the incident reported seeing the black hummer approach the victim who was on foot, mowing down the pedestrian and then leaving the scene of the collision at high speed.

The hummer H2 is a high powered vehicle and has the potential to cause terrible damage when used as a weapon against a person. The authorities are therefore treating the incident very seriously, with the suspect being detained while further investigations are carried out in relation to the collision. There has been no news on condition of the victim or the injuries he sustained as yet.