A groom in Australia had plenty of explaining to do when he arrived at his own wedding on foot, despite having forked out thousands of dollars to hire a Lamborghini as his wedding car.

The unlucky groom was left red faced after the white sports car, intended for use as his wedding car on his special day, ended up bonnet-first in a fence after the groom slipped on a wet patch while driving to the wedding ceremony causing him to lose control of the Lamborghini.

Little is known about the identity of the groom, only that he is believed to hail from Sydney in Australia and is reported to have paid $15,000 for the insurance as part of the deal to hire the Lamborghini as his wedding car; $15,000 he has subsequently lost as a result of crashing the luxury super car.

The groom and his best man were reportedly travelling in the hired Lamborghini when the sports car left the road. The wedding party were understood to be running late for the wedding, which may explain how the wedding car ended up in a fence.

The groom is believed to have called the rental company to notify them of the incident and also the location of the vehicle before rushing off to the ceremony on foot. Luckily, neither the groom nor the best man were injured as a result of the accident. The pair managed to get to the church on time too and the wedding was able to go ahead.

While the wedding car didn’t make it to the ceremony, it’s thought the damage caused to the Lambo is repairable.