A Ferrari hired as a wedding car is a possible write off after the groom crashed into traffic lights

A groom hired a top of the range red Ferrari as his wedding car with the idea of whisking his new wife away to their reception in style, but the £130,000 supercar never made it to the end of the street after veering off the road and smashing into a set of traffic lights.

The bride and groom, who have not been named, had just exchanged their wedding vows in Treviso, North Italy, and had only driven a few yards down the road en route to their reception, when the groom lost control and ploughed into the traffic lights.

In order to hire the luxury supercar, it’s likely the pair would have had to have laid down a hefty deposit, somewhere in the region of £20,000, before being allowed to drive off in the impressive motor. Following the crash, the newlyweds will have to kiss that money goodbye as the cost of repairing the damage to the Ferrari, if it is possible to repair it at all, is likely to cost approximately £60,000 say experts.

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The police have ruled out drink-driving as a possible cause for the accident, as neither the bride nor the groom had consumed alcohol prior to the incident.

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