goldTo those who own their own high performance vehicle we at Limo Broker understand just how precious is it to you. Such cars serve as a man’s pride and joy as well as offering that all-important luxurious mode of transportation.

However, with so many advantages offered by these sought-after sports cars there are bound to be some disadvantages right?

There are in fact many hindrances, the mot severe being the infamously high premiums for insurance coverage.

Such drivers have been attached to a stigma of being petrol-heads who are irresponsible on the road. This is an assumption that insurance brokers and providers have agreed with, sporting a narrow mind when creating insurance policies.

Luckily for super car drivers, High Gear Insurance is set to change things, promising competitive rates for cars such as the Audi R8, Lamborghini Aventador and many other thrilling vehicles.

audi r8

Their willingness to quote the younger drivers amongst us is an admirable business trait with many insurance brokers staying well away from that group heavily associated with risk.

High Gear talks of putting faith within the motorist, trusting that they respect such beautiful cars.

In a statement released by High Gear Insurance it has become apparent that there are to be some changes in the sports car & high performance car insurance industry with the market expecting some dramatic cuts.

‘Although we know the risk in which super cars are associated with we at High Gear appreciate the knowledge of motorists that purchase great sports cars. For many years people have viewed great car owners as risk takers, consequently overcharging them.’

‘We at High Gear have been very vocal about the changes we are set to make in the industry, offering competitive premiums to cover high performance vehicles’

We at Limo Broker are excited by such news. With lower insurance rates we anticipate an inflow of super cars on our roads, allowing both Limo Broker and Regency self drive car hire to make additions to our already fantastic fleet of super cars.