Steve Summerton has been accredited by the Wilton Chamber of Commerce’s for his professional qualities, branding him Business Person of the Year.

This presentation took place at Chamber’s 23rd annual dinner. The recipient of the commendable award put his accomplishments down to the nature in which he approaches the business construct.

“I would never ask anyone to do anything that I wouldn’t do,” he said on Friday.

The limo firm boss has been known to get his hands dirty in every area of the business. The businessman recalls one incident when a driver was stuck in Darien and could not get to a pick up point.

“I said, ‘Call the people and tell them that I’m coming, that I’m in a golf shirt and shorts, but we’re going to get them to their prom,’ Once in a while you’ve got to go from Clark Kent to Superman.”

“The dedication and hard work of everybody who works here” makes it so successful, he said.

“They put everything into it that they have. On my part, I try to make it a happy environment. I’m not a guy who stands there with a whip.”

“I’ve got a great business, with great people, and great equipment,” he continued. “Plus, we have fantastic customers. Everything — of course — is customer service.”

Janeen Leppert, executive director of Wilton’s Chamber of Commerce says that this award is not given lightly and is based on a wide and diverse variety of characteristics.

“This panel looks for members of our community who have shown dedication, hard work, and loyalty to the success of our business community in Wilton,” she said.

Chamber President Tierney O’Hearn, part of the awarding panel said Mr. Summerton was honoured as the 2013 awardee “for his philanthropic contributions, his collaboration with civic organisations and for enhancing the reputation and the image of Wilton as an outstanding community to live and do business in.”