As a nation we have partaken in a lengthy love affair with stylish limousines and sports cars, seeing ourselves as James Bond figures when catching our reflection in the high street shop window.

That said it does seem that the British sense of humour now takes the front seat when hiring vehicles to travel the country in.

Over the past five years we at Limo Broker have found that novelty cars, vans, busses and trucks are way more of an attractive hire choice, pressurising us to expand our fleet of innovative automobiles.

So where does this association with completely random, one-off cars come from?

We at Limo Broker have rooted this passion for the out-of-the-ordinary to America, American movies in particular.

Through the channel of film America has managed to tap into our silly nature, allowing us to fall in love with the ridiculous eyesores that their iconic characters drive.

From the internationally recognised Batmobile to John Travolta’s ‘pussy wagon’ in Grease, it is safe that say that the USA initiated our love for individualism.

The DeLorean in Back to the Future

deloreanBack to the Future was a film that made novelty cars a gateway to narrative escapism, providing the passenger with a great deal more than getting from A to B. The DeLorean touched our hearts back here in the Homeland and we have until this day been mesmerised by the beauty of the model.

As we speak members of The DeLorean Owners Club are making their way around Britain, showcasing their impeccably-maintained fleet of cars.



The ’84 Sheepdog’ in Dumber and Dumber

Dumber and Dumber is definitely our favourate film. With Lloyd Christmas being the perfect comedic protagonist his approach to limo driving inevitably amuses us.

In a mission to Aspen Lloyd is accompanied by his side-kick Harry, using a variety of vehicles to get from Rhode Island to Aspen, embarking on hilarious journeys throughout their expedition.

In the comfort of their Sheepdog car/dog grooming vehicle they bring us their unique rendition of the famous lullaby ‘Mocking Bird’.


Herbie, The Talking Car

Herbie 3The 1963 Volkswagen Beatle in the film ‘Herbie’ offers a great deal more than transport, being the focal point of the critically acclaimed narrative. Herbie is a car with a personality, an all-singing, all-dancing Beatle that speaks and controls its passengers.

This car character has been reinvented so many times, illustrating the constant connection we have with it all over the world.

The Love Bug (1969), Herbie Rides Again (1974), Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo (1977), Herbie Goes Bananas (1980) and Herbie Fully Loaded (2005) are just a few descendants of the original, taking inspiration from the character and continuing its legacy.

With a string of remakes it is undisputed that we just love the idea of a car with a loud personality, bringing out our excitable nature.


Although not being able to stock talking cars or vehicles that enable time travel we do offer a great range of novelty cars, hire options that bring our customers as close as possible to the cars from such films.

The Lamborghini Ferrari is an addition to our fleet that the UK just goes mad for, seeing an element of fiction in its unbelievable appearance.

Offering an experience of a lifetime the one-off vehicle is a novelty that is highly desirable, attracting people from all ages and every walk of life.

From Party busses and vintage coaches to loud supercars and Tuk Tuks, we Brits seem to crave attracting attention on the roads, uninspired by your average hatchback.