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Eco-friendly limousine company, Going Green Limousine, is on a mission to provide first-class service for its customers while reducing carbon footprint. The Chicago-based chauffeur-driven limo hire service uses hybrid and flex-fuel vehicles instead of traditional sedans and towncars in an attempt to reduce greenhouse emissions by up to 80 percent.

The three-year old eco-limo hire company, which also caters to the surrounding areas of Northwest Indiana, Milwaukee, and the Wisconsin area, are well-known for providing exceptional chauffeur-driven limo hire at affordable prices. The service was the brainchild of co-owner Jesse Sapp who launched the company in an attempt to fill the gap of eco-friendly limo hire alternatives. Mr Sapp boasts 20 years driving experience, having worked as a chauffeur for limos and a taxi driver in both Chicago and in New York.

Co-owner Rebecca Schmuck says: “All transportation services should offer eco-friendly alternatives, especially in the limousine industry where there is so much time spent idling in the limo lot and in city traffic.”

Going Green Limousine provide limo hire and minibus hire services for parties of all sizes. For larger groups who require stretch limos or party buses, the eco-friendly limo hire company donates a percentage of their proceeds to local environmental organisations, such as Chicago Gateway Green. The company has other eco-friendly methods in place to reduce waste of unnecessary materials – employees telecommute whenever possible to reduce gas emission, the company hosts the majority of their paperwork electronically, print outs are taken on recycled paper on eco-friendly machines, and of course there is constant recycling of waste products.

Ms Schmuck hopes to see more green transportation services in the future: “If all transportation services went green, we would see reduced greenhouse gasses, which would help neutralize global warming and hopefully contribute to its reversal. I also believe it would be healthier in general for ourselves and our children… I don’t think anyone should ever get used to the smell of toxins, yet it has become a way of life.”

Going Green Limousine are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

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