The Iron Lady was renowned for her resilient nature, boasting strong opinions and a sharp tongue. During her time of reign, many wanted to know more about what made the Prime Minister tick. Famous for only ever having four hours of sleep a night, it appeared that Margaret Thatcher ran on thin air!

However, recent government files have revealed that the leader used to have forty winks in her official limousine. Making up her beauty sleep on the road, it appears like many of our limousines, Thatcher’s chauffeur-driven Daimler offered a comfortable ride.

This news emerged back in the late 90s, when her personal detective, Bob Kinston, revealed such details in a memo. As a detective at her private office on Downing Street, Kinston undoubtedly saw a lot in his time.

His note was recently made public by the National Archives in Kew, South-west London. The note also talked in depth about health problems the Iron Lady was experiencing.

He wrote the following:

“When the PM dozes in the official car, the design of the headrests is such that, far from supporting her head and neck, they cause her head to drop forward.

“I told the PM of my concern at Chequers last weekend. She agreed to a better design of headrest being pursued.”

When the news of her napping started to circulate amongst her internal team, her Fleet Manager wanted to make her limousine more comfortable, allowing her to sit back and sleep to her heart’s content when on transit.

He allegedly “instructed the contractor to obtain and adapt a head restraint to a more comfortable and supportive design”.

Believing the Daimler to not be suitable for such a task, the vehicle brand was understandably worried about their future as a presidential vehicle supplier. This was only heightened when John Major requested a Rover instead of a Daimler.

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