Google Exec receives customised black and yellow Rolls Royce Dawn

At Limo Broker, we love nothing more that people enjoying high-end cars, with stunning vehicles being a gift that just keep on giving. This is why we were happy to hear of the latest Rolls Royce delivery. This week, Benjamin Treynor Sloss, vice president of Engineering at Google, received his customised yellow Rolls Royce Dawn Black Badge. Hitting headlines across the globe, the car has been billed as ‘the most beautiful statements of automotive power on the road today’.  

Collected at a ceremony on Pebble Beach, the Google Executive enjoyed the Rolls-Royce collectors’ cocktail reception. Being an avid lover of the British car brand, Sloss had his car presented to him by none other than orsten Müller-Ötvös, the CEO of Rolls Royce. 

“The Rolls-Royce Dawn Black Badge is the most uncompromising expression of open-top luxury in the world, and Ben’s personal vision has demonstrated that Black Badge Rolls-Royces can be some of the most beautiful statements of automotive power on the road today,” said Müller-Ötvös on presentation.  

So, what is so special about this Rolls Royce? Well, according to its famous creators, the Dawn boasts a string of unique features, all the while retaining that traditional sense of opulence Rolls Royce are so very famous for. The design was a joint effort between the Google Exec and the Rolls Royce team, opting for a sunning yellow and black colour scheme. Carried through from the exterior to the leather seats and the dashboard, these colours certainly make the car more attractive to a modern market.  

Thrilled with the end product, Sloss said: 

“Our racing cars carry the colours of the flag of Modena in northern Italy. I wanted to see what Rolls-Royce could do with those same colours,” Sloss said in a statement.  

“The first time I saw the livery the Rolls-Royce team had created for the Dawn, I burst out with ‘O my God, that’s unreal – I love it!’ It’s outrageous, it’s over the top… it’s perfect. I still grin every time I see it.” 

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