While the private hire industry has forever been under close watch it seems that Glasgow are really feeling the wrath of the law this year, with the council rolling out a scheme to sniff out those ‘pirating’ on the roads of the city.

Referring to the practice of picking up a passenger that hasn’t booked the council believe private hire drivers are stepping on cabbies’ toes, not working under the conditions of their licence. With only taxi drivers permitted to pick up those hailing a cab at the roadside the council has reported a huge increase in complaints made, with over half of the complaints to the council regarding transport being on the subject of pirating.

Mystery shoppers   

Reportedly sending mystery shoppers out on the streets to catch chauffeur and limo drivers out we are yet to see a report that displays ill practice, suggesting healthy working conditions in city transport.

Claiming to be rolling out this scheme purely to keep passengers out of danger Chairman of the Licensing and Regulatory Committee, Councillor Frank Docherty said:

“Pirate drivers put passenger safety at risk. Like the pirates of old, these drivers are only interested in making a quick buck and to hell with the consequences.The council has a very active taxi enforcement team, but they can’t be everywhere all at once. Unfortunately the drivers who end up in front of the committee may only be the tip of the iceberg.”

“Introducing the mystery shopper scheme will protect both passengers and the legitimate drivers who play fairly and squarely by the rules.”

Have your say 

If you are a Glasgow cabbie, limo or chauffeur driver then have your say on this subject by leaving your comments below. As an issue that affects the industry as a whole it is important that a resolution is arrived at.

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