Gifts for the Groom: Great ways to surprise your partner on your wedding day

Gifts for the Groom: Great ways to surprise your partner on your wedding day

As you prepare to wed the love of your life, there will be a hundred thousand things running through your mind. For every element of the wedding there will be plenty of planning involved, requiring a lot of research and head-scratching from you and your hubby to be to get the details finalised and perfectly reflecting your tastes. One of the most special parts of the big day is planning a surprise gift for the groom – something to thank him for his patience and as a welcome gift to your new life together as husband and wife. Here’s our selection of the best gifts to surprise your groom with on your wedding day; all of which the Limo Broker team have found work very well!

A Watch

A watch is a classic gift for a groom on his wedding day. Opting for a nice watch will not only be the finishing touch for his dapper attire on the big day, but a statement gift which he can wear every day that will remind him of you. It’s a symbol of the time you became husband and wife, and you can pop a personalised note inside the box for a sentimental message as you’re getting ready that morning.


This might seem like a relatively small gift, but looking into tickets for his favourite band or artist, or perhaps a show or a play or a sports match that he would love to attend is a very thoughtful gift. Not only is it a reward for his patience and hard work whilst planning your wedding, but it can be your first date night as husband and wife and something that you can both look forward to and do together. How lovely is that?

Engraved Accessories

Whether you choose a hip flask or perhaps some cufflinks, opting to get something engraved with the date of your nuptials will provide a special and sentimental gift that is guaranteed to go down a treat. A hip flask is a traditional wedding gift for a groom, but add a personalised engraving to that and you’ve got a gorgeous keepsake that is manly and sophisticated too. Cufflinks will present him with an engraved accessory that he can actually wear on your wedding, and it’s a subtle touch that will remind him of the best day of his life forevermore.

Personalised Prints

How about choosing a personalised print for your new home together? You could opt for a text art featuring the date and location you got married, perhaps the lyrics to a song which means a lot to the two of you or even a piece of artwork that you know he will love in order to transform your marital home together and celebrate your new chapter.

Self-drive sports car

Last but certainly not least we have the self-drive sports car, an unparalleled gift that will be sure to get your guests talking. Having offered everything form self-drive Lamborghinis and Ferraris to Bugattis and Audis, nothing compares to the gift of a great car, especially on the most important day of your life.

For more information on self-drive wedding cars, contact us at Limo Broker today.

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